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PageSpeed optimization is a constant, and long-term work. It requires time, dedication, and years of knowledge. Superspeed is the easiest way to monitor and boost your Shopify store PageSpeed, pass your Core Web Vitals assessments, and get you as many pages with Good Page Experience. A slow Shopify store is a liability which are costing businesses millions per year. We are here to help you!

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Benefits & Features included in all plans

  • Personal PageSpeed audits and optimization help to boost your PageSpeed, and boost and pass your Core Web Vitals assessments.
  • Boost Core Web Vitals
  • Make your store faster with 1-Click
  • Automatic Sitemap page importer
  • Premium email support
  • No-code Required
  • Improve your SEO with better Page Experience
  • Easy to use dashboard to monitor your store speed
  • Personal Google Search Console optimizations
  • Reports generated by Google Lighthouse via Google Page Speed Insights API

Get Good LCP Score

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) matters not only for delivering a great user experience but also for improving your SEO performance.

Reduce TBT

Your Total Blocking Time (TBT) is high when you add multiple apps, 3rd party or tracking pixels.

Improve TTI

Improve your TTI (Time To Interactive) metric and make your customers feel a smooth experience browsing your great products.

Professional Customer Experience

Page Speed improves your Customer User Experience. Your customers will spend a more extended period on your store and are encouraged to visit more pages and purchase from your Shopify store.

Less abandoned checkouts

When your Shopify store loads fast, your customers stay engaged and are likelier to buy from you and recommend your store to others.

Reduced Page Bounce Rates

Get better UX (User Experience), lower page bounce rates, and increase your conversion rates. Milliseconds make millions. Every millisecond matters! According to Google and Deloitte reports, for every 100ms, you will improve your conversion rate by 1%.

Better UX

Better SEO

Better Google rankings

Better Google rankings

More Conversions

More Sales and Revenue

More Happy Customers

More Add To Carts

Better marketing perfor mance

Reduced Page Bounce Rates

Improved user experience

Enhanced SERP positioning

We are pioneers in the Shopify Speed Optimizations space

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